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FMK LOGISTICS SUPPLIES AND SUPPORTIVE Activities is a privately owned company which was previously known as FUAD MUSTEFA TRANSPORT engaging in the service of transporting variety of goods and heavy cargoes from Djibouti to different parts of Ethiopia. and this company was capable of improving itself to logistic and named  FMK LOGISTICS SUPPLIES AND SUPPORTIVE ; this company is a solution as well as a choice for infrastructure (Railway, hydro electric power dam and road) offering all types of logistics and clearing activities in addition to receiving and dispatching good in Ethiopia starting from its establishment for years.

EIJO TRADING PLC was established in September 2020 as per the commercial law of Ethiopia with a paid up capital of birr 5,000,000 and registered by concerned government organ to undertake international and domestic business in Ethiopia. This company is established for sharing and strengthening the existing EIJO FAMMY IMPORT AND EXPORT giving emphasis mainly to the coffee export in addition to the existing export facilities of Pulses and Oilseeds.